lundi 6 octobre 2014

Medical Treatment at Villa of Oshima

Two years ago, we have come to the villa of Oshima from Blue Island for medical treatment. Had been forced to leave of absence physical condition is not stable even at Oshima Kitanoyama elementary and junior high schools of the local, but encountered alone in just when it was attached to the return journey by demodulating finally. Private aircraft that was riding unfortunately is hit, I would have crashed. But saved by the Akane narrowly escaped, and witnessed the "transformation" in front of the eyes. From Kenjiro, and heard and there are my power that can compete with alone, you receive a key operation with determination to fight along with Akane at that time. Later, become incorporated into the new school Oshima from similar circumstances and Akane.

But Naka is deepened by chance, in terms that can be called best friend now. But you have hidden in my heart all the way Oime who had lied and "likes" for the fact tomato is not good, to floats put a voice to Akane. Too much to fear that which is known to Akane it, refused unconsciously the sharing of memory in the docking operation of the first time, it would be failing. But confided all eventually, ties Akane Metropolitan is strengthened even more, we have succeeded in docking. In the seventh episode, it was supposed to be eaten with a smile tomatoes grown Akane.

Colors in the palette suit and pair configuration key blue. Become a warrior with excellent Ryoryoku on behalf and by typing sickly of peacetime, even fighter coming crashed in the first battle was also Mise be accepted lightly after transformation and (2 episodes). Large hammer weapon to be used, "Naked impact". Emitted a powerful blow to give the acceleration due to propulsion system of built-in, it is also possible that in addition to the blow, and you can play to prevent or beams alone in the drumhead directly.

Warriors 3rd. Tengen lysine flow Soke women's kendo club captain of the new school Oshima. Chairman of the two-year Group A Akane us to transference. Even called the arm of the sword has won the national championships already in first grade when, two consecutive also ensured. The academic excellence and all sports, and is described as "talented woman proud of school" in school length. Is a favorite phrase is "over the name of Tengen lysine flow", utter sword without any relationship if accustomed to Shobugoto. Surroundings become invisible a sore loser is unyielding, is easy to get caught up on one thing. There is no eye to those cute, fan of women's magazines "Girls Morley". You can have prepared in advance hairpin clothes and likely became a sunflower, etc. show a reaction to apron figure of peach, attention about the costume is so strong. Organisms rash system insects and a weak, Mecha shape close to it is also the weak.

The loss of confidence in that which has been received the sword of its own to Akane, trouble, apply for duel her something the "true strength". I remembered to enjoy the feelings of the time you impressed with the free side of the fight Akane in the duel, began kendo. Then, look at Akane who fight alone without regard also a risk in order to protect the people, what it is noticed to be "true strength" and received an operation key volunteered "I also want to fight," he said.

It is baked take care something such as go shopping together seems to have been appreciated from previous cuteness of sunflower, and from getting to fight four people. Sunflowers are also yearning that of Wakaba, get along pretty good among four people. Colors in the palette suit operations and key green. Warrior with excellent short-range attack and agility, weapons to be used naked blade. I rip the sword alone in a long sword.